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    1. Company background


      Orangerie Shanghai Food Ingredients Pte Ltd is one of the leading manufacturer, supplier and service provider for bakery products in China. The company facilities were established since Year 2000, having our head office, manufacturing, research and development facilities in Jading, Shanghai.

      Our second largest operational base is in Beijing the Capital City of China, as for the rest of supporting the whole bakery industry we have a network of distributors in various part of the total country.

      Orangerie Shanghai Food Ingredients Pte Ltd main focus is on the bakery mixes, fine patisserie products like chocolate coating, dessert pastry ingredients, dried fruits & nuts, bread mixes and technology provider.

      We work closely with our international partners like Martin Braun Germany, Agrano Swiss, Cresco Italy in providing the top range and quality raw materials and related ingredients in the local manufacturing for supporting our local bakery industries.


      Orangerie business consists of two components under their present operation structure. The first component is the company own brand products that is ORANGERIE BAKER and the other is the bakery premixes from Germany ( MARTIN BRAUN),  bread mixes from Swiss (ARGANO) and Ice Cream Ingredients from Italy and more......

      Other then working through our various appointed distributors throughout the country, we also service our direct clients like the bigger bakery chains, fast food outlets and the airline catering kitchens. This allows us to relatively attend to their needs within a short time and also assist in new product development. All this are being supported by our dedicated sales and marketing team, production team, research and development team and the bakery chefs.



      Martin Braun Group, having its manufacturing, research and development base in Hanover, Germany is our main working partner. They are a prominent supplier of key ingredients and remain committed to their various partners both local and international partners for quality excellence.

      Cresco und  Agrano are their subsidiary company is providing bread premixes products and Ice cream Ingredients, and they are also committed in quality and technical excellence.


      Company Profit:


      Our company working philosophy is focus on "QUALITY IS FIRST"

      Quality is always being up hold by our team for both production and also the bakery chefs that assist in application of all the products that the company produced.

      Service always remain as our highest priority as against our current customers and the future customers.


      1.      Outsource within our network to support our customers.

      2.      Research and development in supporting for localized products.

      3.      Application services and service excellence to our customers with the Orangerie Team.

      4.      Always work on new products with added value.

      5.      Local base manufacturing for both all our existing and future clients.

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